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I've been dealing with injuries and deaths in all sorts of settings and venues for 40 years. I have an on the job education in risk management. I have seen hazards lying in wait for the multiple factors that always come together for an injury or death. If I see something, if there is a way to communicate the situation, I'll do that. I figure that is part of my job. It may save someone from getting hurt or killed. The response of the receiver of that information can be great or totally indifferent. Most of my insight comes from the experience of having seen someone hurt or killed in similar circumstances. So I feel it's a duty of sorts to pass along my concerns.

A professional baseball team in Houston, shall remain unnamed, had a situation arise back in the days of the domed stadium, that presented a real risk of people dying of heat stroke. The factors: a huge walk up crowd; pre Internet ticket sales; no shade, water or other way to get out of the sun; ticket windows outside; a very hot day. I saw people on the verge of passing out. I wrote a professional letter to the management; the management responded with the changes they would make to address this situation; they made those changes, and even tossed in some unrequested tickets in the deal. Great response!

My vehicle had an airbag recall. Unfortunately this airbag has killed some people, so it's not something to overlook. I called the dealer and the dealer really made it difficult to do the recall fix, it would take way to long, and they would not provide alternative transportation. I contacted the manufacturer and professionally pointed out that the dealer's response would discourage people from getting the airbag replaced, and could end up killing someone. The dealer representative on the phone said the same!! The manufacturer had someone call me promptly, called the dealer, the recall was fixed in a matter of hours, and they manufacturer offered complimentary alternative transportation. Great response!

I saw a local club with some really old barbed wire in total disrepair that dropped down way to low on a Galveston sidewalk. I had a case where a young man got seriously injured by razor wire that was at walking level, so wire now catches my attention. I had to call the city on this one, the fence is still in serious despair, but at least the low hanging barbed wire was cut off. Middle of the road response!

A major Houston grocery chain for some reason had an unattended power saw on the sidewalk in front of the store. I informed someone who appeared to be in a management capacity and I got the mind your own business look. Horrible response!!

Trip and fall hazards are everywhere. I've had mixed reactions to these situations, but I'll still keep on trying to keep someone from being a victim. People die from falls.

I think most corporate and industry folks are appreciative when someone points out a hazard, so I'm going to keep on my "free" risk management consulting business.