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If you try to call anyone in any line of work it can be difficult if not impossible to get someone one the phone. I think many businesses use this as a strategy to make people give up with whatever complaint they have. If you call my office if I am available I will pick up the phone. You will not get a voice mail with 9 options to sort thru, you will not get instructions on how to get to my office, a fax number, hours of business or anything else. If I can pick up the phone I will. If not, just leave a message and when I'm available I'll call back.

Most businesses have voice mails with a lot of options to listen to, and then when your select an option, there are more options!!! This can drive anyone to the point of going a little nuts. I prefer a text or email, because if I'm in court in person or on a Zoom hearing, I can respond quickly. Frequently in court or on Zoom, there is a lot of waiting for attorneys. I can't call someone if I'm in a court hearing, but I can usually email or text back to make the most of waiting time in court.

Mattress Mack is a pretty well known guy in Houston and now nationally and at times Mr. McIngvale still picks up the phone at his furniture store. I've always thought this was a good move on his part, and I think he enjoys the interaction with his customers.

If you have ever tried to call an airline customer service number it can literally be hours to get someone on the phone. Most businesses have alternate means of communication, chat, emails, fax. Many times the chat communication is not with a real person, and that can be equally frustrating.

If you find yourself in needing a personal injury attorney for an injury or accident case, give it a try. Call or text 713 819 2648, or email thru this website, and see what happens!! I hope you don't have the need to give me a call, but if you do, you may be surprised when I pick up the phone!! It shouldn't be that big a deal for someone to take a call, but unfortunately it seems to be a novel concept these days.