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I still like to call people on the phone to try to work out a problem. In my work life, most problems and issues deal with trying to resolve injury claims, car rental issues, where are the medical records, where is the check issue....all aspects of personal injury claims. State Farm is involved in this business, so I call State Farm frequently.

Today's call to a State Farm adjuster assigned to a claim took TWO MINUTES AND THIRTY FIVE SECONDS JUST TO LEAVE A MESSAGE.

The State Farm general message went on and on, got me to the adjuster's message that went on and on. And resulted in me leaving a message. When that call will be returned who knows.

I am as frustrated as everyone else trying to speak with folks that you need to speak with. Frequently if you go to a business web site you need a forensic investigation to find a phone number.

If you call 713 819 2648 you are likely to hear me pick up the phone. If I'm in court in a Zoom hearing, or in a conference with someone else, you can leave a message, after about 10 seconds, or alternatively send me a text at the same number and I will respond ASAP.