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Case Summaries

Bill Wells has vast experience in Texas Courtrooms in cases involving injuries and deaths as a result of negligence. "Tort Reform" is a very misunderstood concept that has made recoveries in personal injury cases very challenging in Texas. Bill Wells meets the challenge head on in his representation of clients harmed by wrongdoers. Mr. Wells' personal injury experience has resulted in his award of "Board Certification" in the field of personal injury by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Personal injury cases are complex and complicated.

There are medical lien issues from both private insurance carriers and from medical providers such as Medicare and Medicaid, there are liability and negligence issues and there are damage issues. The adverse insurance carrier will use every tool in their toolbox to deny or limit your claim, including blaming you for an accident when there is no rational substance behind false allegations against you. Mr. Wells will use his over thirty years of litigation experience to fight for your rights if you have been injured or a family member killed as a result of a wrongdoer's negligence.

The cases summarized are a small sampling of the cases handled by Bill Wells. Each case is different, and similar results may not be obtained in your case. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Bill Wells Attorney at Law specializes in cases involving injuries and deaths caused as a result of negligence. Bill Wells has been actively representing clients in negligence litigation for over 30 years and has been certified as a specialist in the field of Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Supreme Court since 1990. Cases handled include*:

*These case summaries are a small sampling of the cases handled by our office. Each case is different, and similar results may not be obtained in your case. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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  • Settlement Motorcycle/Pick-up Truck Accident

    A motorcycle operator suffered severe injury in a motorcycle/pick-up truck accident. A lawsuit provided the opportunity to obtain sworn testimony from witnesses, ranging from store owners, school district administrators, school bus drivers and area residents, all who consistently stated that the railroad crossing had malfunctioned (falsely activated causing the crossing arms to go down or up and down without a train on the track) over many years.

  • Not Guilty Father Was Fatally Injured in a Head on Collision

    A daughter sought representation after her father was fatally injured in a head on collision in a rural area of Texas. The police investigation blamed the accident on her father for driving on the wrong side of the highway. The daughter insisted that the facts in the case did not add up and an investigation by our office revealed the daughter's suspicions were correct. Ultimately, the police report was changed to reflect fault on the other driver and the insurance carrier for the "real" at-fault driver sett

  • Settlement Sought Recourse for an Automobile/Truck Accident

    A family sought recourse for an automobile/truck accident that injured a Clear Lake father and husband who was on his way home from work and had no recollection of the accident due to head trauma. The police investigation blamed the accident on our client for running into the back of a stalled truck.

  • Settlement Horrific Automobile Accident That Caused Immediate Fatal Injury

    A young mother was on her way home from work and was involved in a horrific automobile accident that caused immediate fatal injury. Investigation revealed that another driver was responsible for causing the accident for running a stop sign. The settlement provided funds for the mother's surviving child through a trust for the use and benefit of her child, and the victim's parents also received settlement funds to resolve the litigation.

  • In Litigation Collision When Another Driver Ran a Red Light

    A teenager was injured in an intersection collision when another driver ran a red light. The teenager complained primarily of neck pain and the pain, symptoms and medical treatment continued for about two years. Without fractures, blood and guts in many cases insurance carriers have taken the position, without justification, that you're not injured.

  • Settlement Catastrophically Injured When He Drove Into the Side of a 48’ Trailer

    A Texas hunter was catastrophically injured when he drove into the side of a 48' trailer attached as part of an 18 wheeler tractor trailer rig. The accident happened on a dark, rural Texas highway late at night when the 18 wheeler operator pulled from a stop sign onto the highway.

  • Settlement 18 Wheeler Trailer That Was Blocking His Lane of Traffic

    A Texas lumber mill worker was on his way home from work when he was horribly injured when he drove his pick-up truck into the side of an 18 wheeler trailer that was blocking his lane of traffic on a dark Texas rural highway. The driver of the 18 wheeler was on the job and had missed his turn.

  • Settlement Severe Motor Vehicle Accident

    A retired Texas man was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident when a trailer broke away from another vehicle and struck his car. Our investigation revealed that the operator of the towing vehicle failed to properly secure the trailer which allowed it to break free. The insurance carrier for the trailer settled with our client during litigation.

  • Settlement Explosion in an Industrial Accident

    Fault and cause of the welder's injury were in dispute in the litigation. The industrial facility settled with the injured welder during the litigation. A month-old child tragically had her father killed in an explosion in an industrial accident.

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