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Our client wanted a copy of a divorce decree. Relatively simple request and one that we are glad to assist. We proceed to the Harris County District Clerk's website and purchase a certified copy of the Order. The clerk's office sends an email with a password protected version. I can't get into the clerk's system unless I'm an attorney on the case, but I guess out of an abundance of caution the file is further protected.

We dig up our password. Then the file is blocked for some reason by our computers because the clerk's website is identified as a problem. Not sure why, but it was. The next step is to change the computer settings to allow the file from the clerk's office. I have to Google this stuff to figure out how to do it.

Once again another password required. It happened to be stored on an old phone from about 6 or so years ago, which fortunately I still have, and still works. So that password was retrieved, the settings were changed, and low and behold we were able to print the Order. This whole process took about an hour. It still is a lot faster than the mail or driving to downtown Houston!!!!