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A year ago I don't think I knew what Zoom was. Last week I had two laptops going at the same time, two Zoom hearings in two different Galveston County courts. In the past, an attorney could go from court to court with multiple hearings in different courts at the same time. With many courts doing virtual hearings, by Zoom and otherwise, we have either had to figure out how to do this stuff or be left behind. So we figure it out.

Like many new technologies, at first there is a little intimidation. But then you figure it out and it's no big deal. I remember I felt a little challenged by a fax machine!! The question is how many of these 2020 changes will be permanent. My guess is more than a few.

We can meet our potential clients or current clients in whatever fashion works best. By Zoom, email, phone or the old fashioned way, in person. Outdoor coffee cafes work great! If the hospital will let us in, we can meet at a hospital following whatever guidelines are in effect. We can meet you at the scene of an accident. Basically, we can meet with potential clients or current clients with wherever works!!