Invisible speed bumps

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Speed Bump

In the shadow of this tree there is a speed bump.

Speed bumps need to be safe. The objective of a speed bump is to prevent accidents, but if they are not visible, not well marked and not designed appropriately, they can injure and kill. An "invisible" bump is an accident waiting to happen, especially for bicyclists and motorcyclists. The speed bump that does not have sufficient contrast with the roadway, or the speed bump that initially had good contrast but through poor maintenance lost that contrast, can toss a bicyclist or motorcyclist, causing severe injury and death.

Speed bumps that are of certain dimensions (thin and tall) are particularly dangerous. Shadows and darkness can make speed bumps practically invisible if they have no contrast with the roadway. If you have a business, live in a neighborhood, work in an area with speed bumps, and you are aware of "invisible" speed bumps, you would be doing everyone a favor by reporting the issue to the appropriate folks in an effort to prevent injury and even death.

If you or a family member has been the victim of "invisible" or poorly designed speed bumps, there may be legal remedies.

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