25% Contingency Fee in Personal Injury Cases

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Our office recently concluded a personal injury case involving a vehicle/truck crash. Our office offers a 25% contingency fee on personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our client recovered right at 68% of the total settlement for his portion of the recovery. This was after the medical liens, case expenses and attorney's fees were deducted from the total recovery. Our offer of a 25% contingency attorney's fee means that out of the total settlement or judgment, only 25% is deducted for attorney's fees.

If the attorney's fee starts out at 33% or 40%, and then the medical liens and case expenses are deducted, the client will end up with a much lower recovery than our offer of 25% attorney's fees. Our percentage of 25% for attorney's fees remains fixed and does not go up if the case ends up in litigation or even if the case goes to trial.

In the recent case where our client recovered 68% of the total settlement, this result happened because of our 25% contingency fee that we offer on personal injury and wrongful death cases. Each case has unique facts and may have a different result, but in this case our client received a higher percentage of the recovery as a result of our contingency fee offer that we make to our clients on all personal injury and wrongful death cases.