Medical Device failures and Drug Cases

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Our office is accepting cases involving injuries and deaths caused by medical devices and prescription drugs. Medical devices that fail can cause serious injury and death. Many of these medical devices have been the subject of recall. If you have a medical device or implant that has failed or has been revised, you may want to give us a call to see if the medical device or implant may be the subject of medical scrutiny.

Our office recently handled hip implant cases and the hardware failed and caused significant injury to our clients. The surgeon who utilized the implants is usually not the target of a claim. The manufacturer of the device, if found to have made a faulty device, or if they continued to use the implant or device after they knew it was subject to an unacceptable amount of failure, may be the culpable party.

Our office is also reviewing prescription drug related injuries. We have handled multiple cases where the pharmacy has dispensed the wrong medication, and in those cases, there is usually little argument that the pharmacy was negligent in dispensing the wrong prescription.

There are many drugs on the market that cause an unacceptable number of injuries and deaths. Some of the cases that we may review involve low testosterone therapy, xarelto, risperdal, benicar and talcum powder. If you or a family member has been on prescription medication and has suffered diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, seizures, heart attack, stroke, birth defects, pancreatic cancer, paralysis, excessive bone growth, ovarian cancer, liver failure or skin cancer it might be worth a call to investigate any possible relationship with the medication.