American Judicial System & Trial Lawyers

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Trial lawyers are the devil, bring down the economy, don't go to church, don't coach youth sports, suck the blood out of local business....if you listen to corporate America, the local Chamber of Commerce, certain political parties and your favorite insurance carrier.

Here's an example of what we do. We represent individuals who have been harmed or may be harmed by callous decisions to make money over safety. The GM ignition switch fiasco that has harmed and killed many is the latest example of trial lawyers taking on corporate America to bring that problem to light. The lawyers employed by GM knew about the problem, apparently, for years, and zealously defended their client, and kept the deadly problem under wraps for years. If the right to hire a lawyer to sue GM or some other corporate giant is taken from you, then the checks and balances that exist when you have the right to hire a trial lawyer will disappear.

The latest example is an unfathomable disaster. Approximately 300 people were killed, murdered, when the Malaysian passenger jet was shot down over the Ukraine. The details are still, and may be forever, lacking certainty, but we do know about 300 innocent people were murdered, blown up, as a result of political unrest.

But why was the plane in a war zone? Even the purported telephone calls from the guys who shot the plane down questioned why was a passenger jet flying over a war zone. The London Telegraph published an article July 17, 2014 stating the plane was there because "it was the quickest and cheapest route for some flights". Money.

The U.S. Federal Administration issued a "special notice" in April warning pilots about potential risks about flying in or near Ukraine Airspace. You would like to think this was all about safety, and maybe it was. However, my initial thought is it was nuts to be flying over a war zone in a passenger plane. The U.S. airlines like to save money, like every business, but they also have to be cognizant that a callous decision to put the dollar over the lives of their passengers and crew will surely result in a trial lawyer coming after the carrier.