Galveston mail problems

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There's always something new to be cautious about. The Galveston Daily News on January 19, 2021 reports that the US Postal Service is investigating a rash of stolen checks from Galveston. The Daily News reports a Galveston resident placed checks in the Post Office mailbox and someone stole the checks and was a victim of check washing. Check washing is apparently a scheme where someone uses chemicals to remove details written on checks in order to rewrite the check and make a fraudulent withdrawal. The Daily News reports the Galveston Post Office has received multiple reports in recent months about thefts and washed checks out of the blue boxes outside the Bob Lyons Post Office and that the crimes have been forwarded to the US Postal Service to investigate.

What's the solution? Instead of using "old fashioned" checks, perhaps find another means of electronic payment, either from a bank account or credit card. Check your bank statements if you write checks, and make sure that it is for the amount intended. Sign up for text message alerts on all of your accounts. One more thing to worry about!!