BP MS 150

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Final Update: Complete! The ride was a challenge. The first day was hot and a strong crosswind. As luck would have it, overnight a cold front came through and Sunday morning was cold, raining and very windy. The day turned absolutely gorgeous for everyone but riders heading into a strong headwind all day. Weather aside, it was a great ride and the Austin skyline has never looked better!!

I am updating my BP MS 150 progress. On January 21 there was a great ride in Coldspring, Texas that involved fog, wet roads and some serious hills! The ride was on the list of recommended BP MS 150 training rides. The hills were a challenge, especially the last one at 48 miles! The ride had great support and was a fund raiser for the Kingwood High School drill team, and they made some great muffins that were inhaled at the rest stops. Never knew a muffin could taste so good!

These training rides are well supported by police and the sponsors. Most of these training rides are an hour to an hour and a half travel, start about 8am, and involve around a 4am wake up call! My personal best distance is at 48 miles and I have a schedule to work up to a 76 mile ride in April. The BP MS 150 is at the end of April.

I would appreciate donations to the BP MS 150 cause: nationalmssociety.org/goto/billwells.