Texting and Driving

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We are all hearing about the dangers of texting and driving and our office has recently taken on a case that apparently was caused by a texting driver.  An accident occurred at a high rate of speed with no braking, causing significant injury.  Texting and driving should be banned.  If you know someone who has this habit, do them a favor and tell them it is an accident waiting to happen, and you may save their life as well as yours...if it is someone on your insurance policy, you may not only save a serious injury but keep your policy from being canceled.

When our office sees the same type of case repetitively, then it suggests there is a much larger problem out there.  We keep on getting calls and cases about people tripping over loose floor mats, and the injuries are many times very serious and even may involve fatalities.  Typically, the mats are in stores, restaurants and lobbies and are of poor quality....cheap...and they do not stay flush to the ground.  These mats and their potential to be trip hazards have been around for years, but they are still being utilized by stores........if you see one that has been bunched up or flipped over, you might want to nudge it back in place to help the next person through the door.

If you are involved in a serious accident, trying to get someone to safety (don't trespass or take any safety risks) document the event with a camera.   Scene photos/videos can really help to get to the bottom of what happened and to document the scene as it existed at the time of the event.

A recent horrific boating accident case claimed the life of a mother on Clear Creek near our Kemah office....the full facts of the accident are unknown...but media reports stated that a high rate of speed was suspected...the operator of the boat apparently lost control, the boat went airborne on land, resulting in a death...this is horrible reminder that you can't let judgment go out the window on the water.