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Blog Posts in 2014

This and that

I recently had the experience of trying a motor vehicle accident case in a very small Texas county. The jury returned a verdict for the Plaintiff, my client, and the court reporter told me she could ...
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Medical Device failures and Drug Cases

Our office is accepting cases involving injuries and deaths caused by medical devices and prescription drugs. Medical devices that fail can cause serious injury and death. Many of these medical ...
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Grief, Pain & Suffering & Life

The very public apparent suicide of Robin Williams is very painful for any human being who has a sense of decency and humanity. The suicide of anyone, regardless of the circumstances, is painful. The ...
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Attorney's Fees limited to 25% on all new injury claims

Our office is accepting new claims involving injury or death and will offer our clients a fee agreement that will limit the attorney's fees to a maximum of 25% of the total recovery. There have ...
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Youth Sponsorship

Our office has been active in supporting youth school organizations, sporting events and school events for over twenty years. We are committed to continuing our participation and sponsorship of youth ...
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Our office is offering 25% contingency fee on new claims

If you need to consult with an attorney regarding an injury or death claim arising out of someone's fault or negligence, most attorney's will have you sign a representation agreement that sets ...
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What can happen in a Court

Follow the rules in court. When you arrive in any court, the norm is for the Judge or bailiff to give some ground rules. Security is a major issue in all courts, so I am appreciative of scanners in ...
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Trip and falls on poorly utilized floor mats

The next time you walk in a retail store or a commercial building and you see a floor mat that is worn, flipped up, bunched up or has noticeable ridges, the mat being utilized is probably more of a ...
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American Judicial System & Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers are the devil, bring down the economy, don't go to church, don't coach youth sports, suck the blood out of local business....if you listen to corporate America, the local Chamber ...
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Another tragedy

Today brings another tragedy. With the advent of the 24 hours daily news cycle, I think we all get numb to the horrific events locally, nationally and world wide. Today approximately 300 people were ...
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Bodily Injury Insurance Coverage

If you are involved in a automobile accident in Texas where you or a family member is injured, there are multiple insurance coverages that may affect your claim. Frequently people think they have ...
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When your case Settles or the Court enters a Judgment in your Favor

You start off with an event that brings you to call a lawyer. Perhaps you tried to resolve your claim with the insurance adjuster, became frustrated, and decide to seek representation. It may be a ...
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