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Houston Personal Injury Attorney


I still like to call people on the phone to try to work out a problem. In my work life, most problems and issues deal with trying to resolve injury claims, car rental issues, where are the medical ...
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OUR OFFICE IS WHEREVER YOU ARE if you have a personal injury or wrongful death question about a Texas case! It doesn't matter where you are, Houston, Dallas, Galveston, Fort Worth, El Paso, San ...
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If you try to call anyone in any line of work it can be difficult if not impossible to get someone one the phone. I think many businesses use this as a strategy to make people give up with whatever ...
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I've been dealing with injuries and deaths in all sorts of settings and venues for 40 years. I have an on the job education in risk management. I have seen hazards lying in wait for the multiple ...


Our client wanted a copy of a divorce decree. Relatively simple request and one that we are glad to assist. We proceed to the Harris County District Clerk's website and purchase a certified copy ...
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Bicycle Accidents in Texas

Bicycle accidents and crashes can happen in an instant and cause devastating injury or death. A trip to the ER after a bicycle crash can leave you with a medical bill from the low thousands to the six ...
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Galveston mail problems

There's always something new to be cautious about. The Galveston Daily News on January 19, 2021 reports that the US Postal Service is investigating a rash of stolen checks from Galveston. The ...
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If you are in a motor vehicle accident, you should try to get as much information as possible. Your ability to do this may depend on the circumstances. The number one priority in any accident is ...


A year ago I don't think I knew what Zoom was. Last week I had two laptops going at the same time, two Zoom hearings in two different Galveston County courts. In the past, an attorney could go ...
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Loose Dogs

Loose dogs are a problem. Bites are not always the cause of an injury. Loose dogs can cause injury even when the loose dog is a good boy/girl. I have dogs. I love dogs. I don't like dealing with ...
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Divorce Basics

Fortunately you can look on line and get the answers to most basic legal questions for about everything in a Texas divorce case. First of all, no one wants to get divorced when they get married. ...
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Accident Investigation - Proving Liability

Obtaining a witness statement in investigation of an event at an early juncture following an accident is critical. Some cases are clear cut and may not require a witness statement to prove the ...
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2020 has been a challenge, interesting, devastating, uncertain and still unfolding. The year started off with the constant news and jokes about our local baseball team banging on trash cans in a ...
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Dogs can turn on the gas stove top burners. I found this out personally. While giving my dog a treat, he got excited and stood up and accidentally (I think!!) pushed on the burner knob, and turned the ...
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While phone calls are always appreciated and a great way to go into details, most people are texting the majority of the time to communicate...just don't do it while driving! We invite texting as ...
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BP MS 150 Houston to Austin 2019

The 2019 BP MS150 ride is April 27th and 28th from Houston to Austin. The ride starts Saturday morning from Houston to LaGrange on day one. Sunday the ride goes from LaGrange to Austin. The total ...
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ITC disater

Our office will discuss ITC claims with anyone who may have questions about their legal rights arising out of the ITC disaster.
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Personal Injury Settlements

Once your personal injury case settles, it's not over until it's over. It's over when the attorney can disburse the funds to the client. What happens up to that point can be complicated, ...
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This happens more often than you think!!

Our office had the opportunity to investigate and litigate a case involving an auto building crash. These crashes occur approximately 60 times a day in the USA! In Houston, according to an ...
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Watch out for danger on vacation

When people go on vacation they do things they would not do at home. The excitement of the moment, the time spent planning something or the money spent on the activity can get in the way of common ...
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Invisible speed bumps

In the shadow of this tree there is a speed bump. Speed bumps need to be safe. The objective of a speed bump is to prevent accidents, but if they are not visible, not well marked and not designed ...
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the courtroom

No matter what you do, staying sharp takes continually doing what you do! Best example in Houston recently was Texans football game vs the NE Patriots. The Texans quarterback, who everyone believes is ...
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BP MS 150

Final Update: Complete! The ride was a challenge. The first day was hot and a strong crosswind. As luck would have it, overnight a cold front came through and Sunday morning was cold, raining and very ...
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Court Action!

This has been an interesting week in Court. I enjoy the diversity and interacting with the various courts and it all boils down to being familiar with the law and issues on a given day. I appeared on ...
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Would Really Appreciate Your Support In 2017 MS 150 Houston Ride!

The 2017 MS 150 bicycle ride from Houston to Austin is around the corner and I am going to give this a shot! The ride is a two day event in April. I would really appreciate your supporting the cause. ...
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